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EES test
Igneous rocks
An igneous rock such as basalt might break down and dissolve when exposed to the atmosphere, or melt as it is subducted under a continent.
Driving forces of the rock cycle such as plate tectonics and   the water cycle cause rocks not to remaining equilibrium and force them to change as they encounter new environments.
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Initially the cycle starts when liquid rock called magma solidifies either to or below the surface of the earth to form igneous rocks. Tectonic movements then cause uplift of the igneous rocks to form mountain chines such as the Andes and Himalayas that we see today.
The exposure of the igneous rocks to weathering and erosion at the earths surface breaks them down into smaller grains and soil is formed. The soil grains are then transported by wind water and gravity and eventually deposited as sediment sin rivers, lakes and streams.
The sediments are then deposited in layers and become buried, compacted and cements to for sedimentary rocks.
Igneous rocks
95% of the earths crust is made up of igneous rocks or metamorphic rocks formed from igneous rocks
Aphantic texture= fine grained crystals-rapid. Cooling magma formed at or close to the surface, described as light intermediate or dark in colour

Phaneritic texture= coarse grained crystals-slow cooling maga formed deep within the earths crust
Porphyritic texture= large crystals in smaller crystals-in magma at depth, different minerals crystallize at different temperature
Glassy texture=none- molten rock hits the atmosphere too rapidly for crystals to form. Very rapid cooling
Pyro clastic texture= not crystals but individual rock fragments-rock fragments from violent volcanic eruptions combine to form an igneous rock
Pegmatite texture= very coarse grained crystals-formed in fluid rich, late magma crystallization

Rocks with a composition between granitic and basaltic are said to have an intermediate or andesitic composition named...


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