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Jane Eyre

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Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre epitomized a classic coming of age fairy tale, similar to that of Charles Perrault's Cinderella. Raised by a spiteful aunt, this Victorian novel portrayed a young girl struggling with conflicts between her moral beliefs and passion, as well as a desire to discover her inner strength. Despite Jane's unfortunate beginnings, she was able to stay true to herself, and ultimately attain a life brimming with love and happiness. Much like Cinderella, Jane had been orphaned at a young age, and cared for by an unloving, cruel aunt who ignored her own children's faults while punishing Jane for minor infractions. She was treated as an outcast, and was offered relief only when allowed to attend Lowood, a modest charity boarding school for young girls. Here too, Jane was treated unfairly when the owner, Mr. Brocklehurst, publicly accuses young Jane of being a liar as per the false claims of Mrs. Reed. Jane found solice only in the friendly face of Helen Burns. Charlotte Bronte had first introduced Jane Eyre as a free spirit, as can be seen in her first interaction with Mr. Brocklehurst. QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE It was the combination of the intelligent, good-doing Helen Burns and Mr. Brockleburst, that served as the first moral and religious role models Jane had in her young life. Throughout the novel Jane struggles to formulate her own opinions and beliefs about religion, as she seeks a balance between the oppressive, hyprocritical practices Mr. Brockleburst and the kind yet meek and passive Helen. As the story line progresses, Jane encounters another religious influence, St. John, who is so devoted to her belief that he retreats from everyday life in an attempt to fulfill his moral obligations. It is only after experiencing the vast differences between these three characters that she finally establishes a middle ground in which she trusts completely in God without sacrificing her happiness. QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE Just as Cinderella was of a much lower social...


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