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Stay at Home Moms

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By Kristi Long
October 30, 2013

According to the NY TIMES, the Census Bureau reports that over the last 40 years, 70% of married women over the age of 25, with children, work outside of the home. Leaving the other 30% as stay at home moms. The census also states that stay at home mothers tend to be younger and less educated with 18% of them lacking a high school degree.
There are many reasons why women choose to be stay at home moms. The reason may stem from personal, moral or religious beliefs. It may also be because the job market is bad or because daycare is too expensive. Another reason could be that the mother doesn’t possess any working skills and has not furthered her education. And lastly it may be because she simply chooses to be the one who raises her own child full time instead of paying someone else to do it for her.
Despite the reason a mother may have, being a stay at home mom can be challenging and difficult at times, but it can also be beneficial to the mother and child and very rewarding for both as well.

Today I would like to start off by addressing some of the reasons a mother would chose to be a stay at home mom. One reason might be because of her personal beliefs, morals or religion. In this case, oftentimes she and/or the father has grown up with a stay at home mom and believes that it is best for the child to follow that tradition. She feels her place is in the home and so the couple then agrees that they would like their children to be raised this way as well.
Secondly, the job market may be bad at the time and a mom may find it difficult to get a job she would like. She may also find that she is unsure of what type of job she wants or that she lacks the skills or degree needed for pursuing a job. She may not have even been afforded the opportunity to attend college or obtain any job skills, thus leaving her jobless and finding herself a stay at home mom.
Daycare affordability is another reason moms...


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