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Orphan of Ellis Island

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Orphan of Ellis Island

Orphan of Ellis Island is about a boy name Dominic Cantori who was an orphan and didn’t want anyone to know. One day at his new school they went on a field trip to a museum name Ellis Island. While the students were there on a tour the ranger was asking them about their family. Dominic fled from the group going into a closet because he didn’t know his family.   Dominic fell asleep in the closet, he wakes up and the museum was deserted. Dominic was afraid and lonely he wonder over the museum to see what all was there. Dominic picked up one of the display phones and started to listen to the recordings. However Dominic listened to several different recordings then he believed that one answered him. Dominic was so into the conversation he was transported back in time Italy 1908. While Dominic was back in time he met Francesco, Salvatore, and Antonio Candiano where they treated him like their own family. During the journey Salvatore pass away. Dominic, Francesco and Antonio set out to go to America. They arrive to America and Dominic falls asleep and when he awakes he realizes that he is back in the museum. While Dominic was listening to the recording and dreaming everything that happened he thinks he has found his family history. Dominic case worker finds him a family that is willing to adopt him. Dominic agrees to accept and meet with the family and then the story ends.
This book is prejudice towards immigration. During the time period people wanted to come to America. Once they reached America they went to Ellis Island where they had to pass a test and have a medical inspection before they would be allowed to stay in America. They were prejudice towards the immigrant’s last names. They made the immigrants change their last names because they couldn’t pronounce it or it wasn’t American. The immigrants had a positive prejudice for America. They believed that America was the Dream land, the land of the free. America had so many...


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