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How Is the Effect of Vipeak Ball Mill?

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VIPEAK mining machinery company with customers to understand our mill are deficiencies , what customers really need is a kind of product, to continuously improve our mill production levels .
After our staff regularly visit our customers , customer consistent ball reaction VIPEAK can achieve the following results :
1 , I produced the mill has a unique power-saving feature , saving up to 12-20 % ; if cancellation mill hydraulic coupling , the saving rate can be increased by 3-5 % or more ;
2, the ball becomes soft starter starter , ball impact force suffered greatly reduced , ball mill belt , shaft, gearbox gear life can be improved, reducing maintenance costs, labor costs ;
3, the ball can control the starting current below the rated current ( based on actual measurements, general mill starting current is about 7-8 times the rated current , the impact is great , resulting in the piercing whistle ) , so that the controller of the soft starting performance. Since mill starting current, it will not cause power fluctuations and lower voltage , eliminating the consequent tripping and other electrical equipment failure phenomena ;
4, the ball has perfect overload , overcurrent , short circuit, grounding protection, rebuilt equipment to achieve automatic control and manual / power frequency and fault self- switching and other functions , and overcome the inertia caused by large mill recovery voltage , effective to ensure the normal operation of the device , so that the milling process smoother , noise greatly reduced ;
5 , ball milling time can be easily set and automatic shutdown time, but also can easily select additional grinding time ;
6 , of the construction of selected iron / iron ore processing equipment ball high rate of return . All investments of approximately 6-12 months to full recovery by saving electricity .
Total above , VIPEAK mill can save cost , long service life , reducing the ball high annual maintenance costs, parts costs, labor and maintenance...


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