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Grinding Mill Operation Should Assume Greater Responsibility

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Mill operation should assume greater responsibility to the mining machine start after the ball in the on-load operation, the operator must observe and note the following , to operate correctly :
    ( 1 ) should always check the mill 's operation. Note that transmission parts and gears combined whistle sounds are normal. Ore crushing machine sound is normal . If abnormal sounds and everything not normal circumstances , should be dealt with immediately handle special cases should be immediately stopped .
    ( 2 ) to the mine must be uniform, to mine inspection shall be not greater than a width of 0.8 times the mine mouth .
    ( 3 ) pay attention to the conditions of discharge and transport Qian prevent ore mine near the mouth of the discharge blocked, causing the accident.
    ( 4 ) regular checks of pumps, coolers and filters are working correctly . Check the lubrication oil flow indicator. Check the oil pressure and oil temperature is normal. Back to the oil temperature should be below 60 ℃, after passage through cooler oil should be less at 45-50 ℃ .
    ( 5 ) on a regular basis to the crushing cone suspension and pulley bearing lubrication .
    ( 6 ) to strengthen the inspection to the mine , to prevent the piece of metal , brazing top non-broken into the crushing chamber .
    ( 7 ) regular inspection beams, the frame body and the connection between the base pin is loose, broken loose and severe liner wear . Identify problems and timely treatment.
    Parking mill and other processing equipment must be in the following order:
    ( A ) the first stop to the mining machine to mine, mill continues to operate crusher . Otherwise, it will cause great difficulties in the next start .
    ( 2 ) stop the ball .
    ( 3 ) stop the pump and irresolute ore transport equipment.
  In the mill 's operation, we have to bear a great responsibility , and only in the ball mill operation and accurate , and will reduce risk and improve...


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