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My First Deer

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Mark Dooge
English 101
Narrative Essay
October 30, 2013
My First Deer
I was 16 years old and it was the fourth weekend of November. I spent all day getting ready to
go out to my deer stand in hopes of me killing a big buck. I got of my camouflage out and laid it out for when I left I could put it on real quick. I took my rifle out and set up a target about 100 meters out and shot at the target to make sure my scope was still sighted in. I walked back to the table and shot one bullet. I sat my gun down and walked to the target and when I got there I said to myself, “bulls-eye” because I hit the middle of the target.
It was about noon now and I had just finished eating a ham and cheese sandwich and decided to go set up a salt block and spray some doe urine around the place I was going to hunt. On my there I spotted two doe and a buck about twenty yards from my deer stand. I was so mad at myself because I forgot to take my gun with me in case I did see something, and of course I did. I hoped I would see them again when I came back out that afternoon to hunt. It was about three that afternoon and I was getting my hunting gear on when my brother came in the room and wished me good luck as he was on his way out the door to his deer stand. I replied thank you and wished him luck too as I was on my way out the door to my deer stand.
It took me about thirty minutes to walk up the hill and through a small trail to my deer stand. When I arrived there was nothing there and I climbed up to the top and sat there. It was about three hours till I could hear something coming from behind me. I sat there for ten minutes waiting for whatever it was and when I was about ready to give up when a doe came out from behind me. I sat there for a bit longer when another doe came out from behind me. After about ten minutes, there was about ten doe in front of me and it was starting to get dark when a twelve point buck come from out of the woods into the field in front of me.
I was...


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