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Critique Paper on Asocena

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A Critique Paper
by Antonio Fermin Enriquez
I have chosen to critique one of the works of Antonio Fermin Enriquez, a short story titled “Asocena” using three types of literary theories:   Formalism/New Criticism and a mixture of Cultural/ New Historicism and Marxism.   Formalism or New criticism as the basic approach to reading and understanding literature and the blend of cultural and Marxism lenses to further understand the issues implied and/or embedded in the story.
Formalism/New Criticism Approach
We have learned that the formalist theory has dominated the American literary scene for most of the twentieth century and it has continued its influence to this day, including many academic places.   Proponents of this approach advocate the methodical and systematic reading s of the text. (Maravilles. Class notes)
Summary.   The story happened in the coastal barrio of Labuan in Zamboanga.   Chu’s dog named Leal is killed by dog eating neighbourhood toughs led by Tomas Dayrit.   Chu, like any other boys, expects his father to deal with the offenders. His father, though hesitant, speaks with Tomas but the brief verbal confrontation ended with the father backing down and managed to get a replacement for Leal. Even though Chu’s father takes him from a neighbour whose dog has just had puppies, Chu’s sadness has been compounded by disillusionment.   Chu’s dog ended as a meal called Asocena (dog supper), a much loved dish by Ilocano people while Zamboanguenos consider is as a meal for savages.
Character.   The story started with the introduction of the main character and the protagonist in the story, a boy named Chu. Chu enjoyed the company of his dog and was greatly saddened when it disappeared that fateful day.   Chu had a dog called Leal, which did not make it long as he was eaten by the antagonist, Tomas Dayrit, and his gang.   There was Chu’s father named Ingo and his mother.   Ingo seemed to be a concerned father, but had difficulty standing up for his son,...


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