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Leaders and Followers

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Leaders and Followers

It is only natural that not everyone becomes a leader; however, those who follow will no longer accept old fashioned leaders, full of authoritative ideas and who impose new management techniques on others. They want leaders with well- rooted human values and who will respect talents and contributions given by others. They want to feel enthusiastic in all their actions.
People want leaders that can create an atmosphere of risk and creativity.. They reject intimidation or manipulation, and want to be recognized as an important part in these changing times.
Continuous innovation and constant improvement in quality requires more and more effort from workers, who are constantly up against new technologies, cultural changes, and intense international competition. If we stop to think for a moment, we will conclude that not all of this modern explosion, and changes in working habits comes exclusively from an ever changing technology, but also from the creative performance of people.
People are the real force behind this transformation, and it is the people that are paving the way towards the new millennium. What can a sophisticated machine do if there was no one to invent it in the first place? To attain success we depend on people and people depend on leaders. Leaders that have the capacity to reinvent companies and can get the most out of their collaborators stand tall.
But first, leaders must look within themselves to find new ways of influencing people and changing the course of companies. It is the leader that must be the first to change;. The leader then gathers followers, but not those that only do what they are told. Leaders want mature and responsible people that can look ahead. As a result a partnership will be formed with those people who are personally committed to themselves and the success of the business.
Leaders assume the responsibility of keeping teams together. They have the obligation to take command, establish rules,...


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