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Remove Unemployment

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Employment Scheme
Mr.Rahul Gandhi
I have planed an idea of employment in India. First, a bank named self-employment loan has to established and at every bank a staff will be appointed having knowledge about every sector of business. For example, If an unemployed want to establish a dairy but do not have money to establish and also uneducated about its care and keeping. The staff will give him guidelines and also money as loan with 3% interest and the money will be taken back as EMI. But, if is along with that also unable to pay EMIs, he would be given proper guidelines. Also, if the staff feels that the business he want to do is concentrated at that region and he would not be able to earn a reasonable profit, staff can suggest him another business that could be better for him than previous business. The staff there should be highly qualified and known about it. Also, police should be sent to see records for a check on corruption. Also, To check on people that were given loans computer systems are used. According to me, giving employment by putting in industries and factories is like a burden to remove poverty but it does not really increases as much standard of living. It is just helplessness of government. So, I prefer self-employment or private business.
I hope you will give your concentration to my Idea. I am a big fan of you.
Shehbaj Singh (batth2699@yahoo.com)


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