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A plagiarized paper can result in a failing grade in a course and, at some schools, disciplinary action ranging from suspension to expulsion. A record of such action may adversely affect professional opportunities in the future as well as graduate school admission (Pearson Longman, 2006, Para 3).

Just like a well thought out business plan or written essay, with a strategy in place and a commitment to reach ones goals, surviving college is possible. There are some key ideas to keep in mind when starting college. A good idea is to take notes started the first day of class; even if its routine material, keep notes starting the first day so as a student one knows what is expected from each instructor. Another good idea is to establish a study routine for each course and study the syllabus. Reading ahead on material is wise to prevent falling behind and to allow proper time for assignments. Going over notes for each class by labeling, editing, and revising will ensure the student understands the material. When preparing for courses one should establish a good place to study with essential supplies at hand and good lighting. When studying it would be wise to use more then one study technique. Some of today’s techniques may include but are not limited to: mind maps, charts and graphs, using color in notes to organize, visualizing material, explaining material to someone else, writing outlines and developing a way to analyze the information in such a way that will be easier to retain. There is a study technique called SQ3R. This technique requires a student to use critical thinking skills when going over new material. SQ3R is a technique employed to help remember and review information. “The symbols S-Q-3-R stand for survey, question, read, recite, and review (Carter et al., 2002, p.148).” Once a student realizes what their learning style is then they can effectively adapt to the Axia College online learning environment.
A student should also make use of all study...


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