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Turn Off the Tv

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Turn Off the TV
TV is said to be the greatest invention of the modern world. It has opened up the world of communication, making it much easier to keep up with sports, favorite television shows, and all the latest news and gossip. The modern person doesn’t even have to get off the couch or out of bed to do any of these things anymore. The TV was the stepping stone of many of today’s other technologies such as video gaming systems and the internet.
Technology has made today’s life so easy, that the modern person has become fully consumed in virtual world. If it wasn’t for sports or school, any kid would be most likely be found at his house playing video games, or watching TV. TV has a more negative influence on the children of the 21st century culture than it had in the last fifty years. It’s time to get back on track and become a more productive nation.
Many adults are watching more and more TV. They are becoming more and more dependent on their need to watch TV they are forgetting what’s most important. Family time has become a thing of the past. Even with the ease of access to the internet, people still turn to TV. They see it as a way to escape the struggles of their lives. This escape is like a drug in the sense that it sends the chemical dopamine into the brain to give you a feeling of relaxation and joy.
TV has also been the source controversy for many years. What we watch and what children watch on TV has been under constant attack by different groups for many years. The amount of violence on TV is being argued by many as the primary source of the increase in youth violence. Different proposals have been brought in front of lawmakers with a wide variety of complaints and options. Some say that by limiting the amount of TV we watch will bring back a sense of togetherness.
TV began as a simple way to entertain us and bring happiness to our lives. TV has grown and began taking over our lives. It’s time to move away from the TV and begin...


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