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The Good Samaritan laws are laws or acts protecting those who choose to serve and tend to others who are injured or ill. In this case a young women named Catherine Genovese died under the awareness of her neighbors and near by citizens that she was in danger, but chose to not help her because of there own personal feelings about the situation. It disturbs be because it brings me back to an old saying that “ Do for others as you would want for yourself ” or “ Treat others the way you would want to be treated”. For justices to be served, I would hold every witness that ignored her cry out and the killer accountable for her death.

        As far as the good Samaritan law is concerned, not helping someone in need isn’t a crime even though in certain cases like this one it should be. Catherine Genovese was stalked and stabbed three times and even though everyone heard her cry for help no one chose to help her. Even a near by neighbor screamed,” Let that girl alone “ but didn’t bother to come outside to see what happened. Even a city bus passed her up and chose not to stop, check to see if she was ok, or even call 911. My question to everyone is why didn’t anyone call the police?

          The Law is intended to reduce bystanders' hesitation to assist, for fear of being sued or prosecuted for unintentional injury or wrongful death. On the other had many neighbors had there own personal reasons why they didn’t want to get involved. Before the body was found a few neighbors were interviewed by the police after the body was found. The first to be interviewed was a nearby neighbor told the police “We thought it was a lover’s quarrel”. In addition, another neighbor told her husband not to get involved. The last sorry excuse was ”I don’t know”. My second question is why didn’t anyone care enough to save her?

          In addition to that, it took 6 days to find the murderer who’s name is Winston Moseley a 29 year old male that has a family but has a pervious...


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