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food bio

Glucosamine and Arthritis
by J.R. Rogers
Information on how glucosamine actually works, the science backing glucosamine, and how to select the best glucosamine product…
As I stated in my article “Osteoarthritis Explained” healthy cartilage requires four things. These are:
1. water for lubrication and nourishment
2. proteoglycans to attract and hold water
3. collagen to hold proteoglycans in place
4. chondrocytes to clean away old proteoglycans and collagen and produce new ones
The Info on Glucosamine
One of the most effective supplements for joint health is a compound called glucosamine. Glucosamine is a key component of cartilage. Glucosamine works to stimulate joint function and repair.
Each person produces a certain amount of glucosamine within their bodies. When people grow older, their bodies lose the capacity to make enough glucosamine. Having ample glucosamine in your body is essential to producing the nutrients needed to stimulate the production of synovial fluid, the fluid which lubricates your cartilage and keeps your joints healthy. Without enough glucosamine, the cartilage in their weight-bearing joints, such as the hips, knees, and hands deteriorates. The cartilage then hardens and forms bone spurs, deformed joints, and limited joint movement.
So How Does Glucosamine Figure Into Healthy Cartilage?
Glucosamine is…
1. a major building block of proteoglycans
2. needed to make glycosaminoglycans, proteins that bind water in the cartilage matrix
3. a source of nutrients for the synthesis of proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans
4. a stimulant to chondrocytes
5. a key factor in determining how many proteoglycans are produced by the chondrocytes
6. needed to spur chondrocytes to produce more collagen and proteoglycans
7. a regulator of cartilage metabolism which helps to keep cartilage from breaking down

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