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“Reality vs. Fantasy: Diving Into The Unknown”

By: Bianca Miranda                                     Date:     July 18, 2013        
Final Fiction Portfolio                                   Ms. Caloro
Introduction to Creative Writing

Table of Contents    

Introduction                                                                                                             page one

Fairy Tale Re-Write/Red Riding Hood Story(Original)                                         page two

Fairy Tale Re-Write/Red Riding Hood Story(Revised)                                         page four

Flash Fiction Story/Skeletons From The Past(Original)                                       page six

Flash Fiction Story/Skeletons From The Past(Revised)                                       page eight
(Blood Doesn’t Always Mean Family- Revised Title)

Longer Fiction Story/ Reunited At Last   (Original)                                               page ten

Longer Fiction Story/Reunited At Last(Revised)                                               Page thirteen

                                                                                                                                        Page one


                For as long as I can remember, I have loved writing fiction stories, to me it was just so

much fun. Creating a mini-fantasy world with characters allowed me to get away from any

problems or troubles I had going on even if it just was for a little while. I could make them to do

whatever I wanted, run for office, get married, get divorced or dive a bit into the supernatural and

make them a werewolf. It was just so freeing. But fiction is not   easy to write   at all, at times it

can be frustrating trying to make the readers feel like they are inside my stories. There were

times where I would suffer from “writer’s block” and not...


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