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Summary of Chapter 3 from Daisy Miller

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After returning to Geneva, Winterbourne goes to Rome. He knows from his aunt that Miller’s family is in Rome as well. Annoyed by the news provided by his aunt that Daisy Miller was surrounded by many wonderful mustaches, Winterbourne resists his impulse to visit Daisy directly. Therefore he decides to visit a few of other friends.
When Winterbourne visits Mrs. Walker, an American expatriate whose values have become adapted to the Italian society, he unexpectedly met Daisy. After some short conversations about Mrs. Miller’s health and the Miller’s trip in Rome, Daisy introduces to everyone about her friend Giovanelli, a young handsome Italian whom Daisy is going to meet in nearby Pincio later. Winterbourne then accompanies Daisy to Pincio where they meet Giovanelli and take a walk together until Mrs. Walker comes. Mrs. Walker thinks it is extremely inappropriate for a young lady to walk with two other men like this so she and Winterbourne attempt to persuade Daisy to get into the carriage, telling her that the custom in Europe requires young ladies to be guarded by their parents. After a long conversation between Daisy and Mrs. Walker about whether Daisy should get inside the carriage and be separated from Giovanelli, Daisy is undeterred by the disapproval of Mrs. Walker and refuses to get into the carriage.
After Daisy leaves to take a walk with Giovanelli, Winterbourne took a seat in Mrs. Walker’s carriage and expresses his idea that it’s not clever for Mrs. Walker to do that and he thinks Daisy is only an innocent girl. But Mrs. Walker tells him that Daisy's close relationship with Giovanelli and other men and her flirtatious behaviour is causing a growing scandal. As a result, Winterbourne begins to hesitate about his pursuit of Daisy.


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