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Costa Rica a Green Paradise

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Costa Rica is a country located in the narrow Central America.   It is well known all over the world for its natural resources, hospitality, democracy and lover of peace.
History has shown that, that due to its inhabitants way of being, the Province of Guanacaste which were part of the Nicaraguan territory, decided to join to Costa Rica and become "Ticos".   From this party adventure, Costa Rica acquired a new huge territory, population, hand labor, folklore, new customs and traditions.  
Many other immigrants were coming from Africa, and China, but recently, from Taiwan, and Colombia.  
A.   Costa Rica started to experience the affluence of Nicaraguans since 1972, when an earthquake destroyed a great part of the Capital of Nicaragua, and many people had to flu away from hunger, sickness and death.

1.   Before the earthquake, Nicaragua had many problems not only economical but also politically, because the country was under the dictatorship of Anastasio Somoza who had the control of the country for more than 40 years.  
The discontent of the population tired of this political system led to a revolution.   As a result, Anastasio Somoza was derogated and killed, giving place to a new political system based on the ideology of Carlos Augusto Sandino,   The so called “Sandinismo” took control of Nicaragua, but it came to be worse than the former government, and many people left their country and crossed border fleeing from war and abuse in the Government.

2.   Nicaragua experienced many problems, among them the differences in the way of thinking of the commandants who controlled the government, where came to be a kind of communism system commanded first by “Commandant Cero” and then by Daniel Ortega.   The communism shaped the country under its ideology, supported by countries like Cuba and Soviet Union (U.R.S.S.).

3.   A large quantity of Nicaraguan Citizens lost their properties, their belongings and...


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