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History of Ozone:
Van Marum a Dutch chemist detected the ozone gas sensor ally for the first time. In the details of his experiment he mentioned the thought of a characteristic smell around his electrifier. However the discovery of ozone was just only mentioned by the name of Schonbein in 1840. To University of Munchen was presented the discovery characteristic smell that Van Marum had tried to identify earlier, Schonbein has noticed the same during is experiments. He called this gas as “Ozone” derived from Greek world for scent ozone. It is interesting to know that at least 13 appreciations of Schonbein’s work have appeared in the chemical literature during period 1988-98. In 1856 Thomas Andres afterwards confirmed that ozone is made up of oxygen. In 1858 Andrei-Houzeau found ozone i.e. O3 was determined in 1865 by Soret and confirmed by him in 1867. In 1919 Charles Fabry made first spectrometric measurement of “thickness” of ozone layer. Then later in 1924 G.M.B. Dobson explored its properties in detail.

What is ozone?
Ozone O3 a gas is composed of three oxygen atoms. 15-30, km up in atmosphere, in stratospheric layer ozone is created and destroyed by UV radiations from sun. When UV rays having high energy strike ordinary Oxygen (O2) molecules, O2 splits into two single oxygen atoms, atomic oxygen (O) freed oxygen atom (O) combines with molecular oxygen (O2) to form molecular ozone (O3). These photochemical reactions giving rise to O3 were discovered by Sidney Chapman in 1930 O3 is also unstable, when UV rays strike O3 it eventually splits into O2 and O, a continuing process called the “Oxygen-cycle” thus ozone layer is created in stratosphere where 90% of O3 in atmosphere, is contained. This stratospheric zone layer is a naturally occurring gas that filters UV rays from sun and shields life on earth from these harmful solar rays. It occurs in earth’s upper atmosphere and at ground level known as good zone and bad zone respectively.

Good Ozone:


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