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mining method

Granite mining, first of all want to choose the first mining area according to the resource conditions and market demand situation, determine the

mining boundary, scale of mine production, mine work system. To carry out mining based on the comprehensive analysis of natural environment, economic

and technical conditions of the. The mining process can be divided into development and transportation, stripping and mining.

1、 develop transport and loading

Developing transport task is to open up the mining industrial area to the transport path between each working step stope and to transport pathway

mullock field. Mode of transport used open pit with granite:

1) highway development of automobile transportation, this way is flexible, can give full play to the efficiency of handling equipment, is widely used

in the way.

2) no Gou develop mast crane, this method does not need a transport channel dug from the surface to the mining step, and directly by the mast crane

loading transport equipment. This method of engineering quantity is small, less investment, but by the mast crane capacity and operating range

constraints, poor flexibility. coal crusher suppliers in

south africaIn addition, there are slope hoist trolley transportation, highway develop our automobile and joint development and transportation

means such as mast crane.

The loading device blocks mounted on the transport equipment with a fixed and movable type two. Mast crane is fixed, this kind of equipment hoisting

height, weight, both loading and transport function; crawler crane and tyre crane for moving loading equipment, such equipment is flexible, but

lifting height, weight is small, load is not suitable for large size blocks. Mine transportation artificial cart, front loader, bulldozer, cranes,

cars and other equipment.

2 、mining

Be mine to peel the surface covering layer, the weathered layer, interlayer, rock and broken and not...


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