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Terrorism in Pakistan: Causes and Consequences

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Terrorism in Pakistan has made the life of common man disastrous one. The approaching danger of terrorism has lost the peace form the very core of globe. Not only Pakistan is suffering from this disease, but also around the world all countries are facing severs results. Among them Pakistan is the only fore-front state that is fighting on “War on Terror” along with US as a non-Nato ally in Afghanistan. But at this time Pakistan is passing through a transitional period of change in all the spheres of life. Even though it is still trapped in so many problems, which are not only the product of twenty first century but also are the result of past little mistakes, out of which such are the results, i.e. the unresolved disputes around the world over territorial and geographical locations, the repeated attacks of militant organizations, the continual visitation of Drone attacks in Pakistani territories, cross border infiltration and weapon friendly culture in the conflicted areas are the stark features of imminent danger in the world.

As far as “War on Terror is concerned, the interior motive of US on “War on Terror” are explicit in their activities. World is witness to this reality that weaker always suffer the scratches of powerful, either they are fishes are human being; either they are beast or being. Same is the case with the Middle East countries, though rich in their resources but powerless in their might and military. Likewise US has keen eyes over the oil-rich Persian gulf, and far this reason US wants to have control over the natural resources of Middle East in order to meet the growing demand of oil.

Though, 64 years have been passed out just in a wink of an eye but the policy of Divide and Rule till to-day is in practice. Though the formulators of this policy were colonial master’s but it is promulgated and implemented by American though out the world by adopting stiff measures against the underdeveloped countries, who are in the arms race. In this...


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