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Tristan Petersen

Rough Draft of Dramatic Scene with The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail.

While sitting in his office Mr. Woods was typing away on his computer when all of a sudden a man busts in slinging the door open in an angry rage. Mr. Woods then knew that he was in trouble when he saw four other men behind him all in suits.
The four men were there to bust Mr. Woods for the embezzling that he was doing with the company money. They were there to seize all he had and shut the company down. The lead man walked up to his desk and said in a deep solid voice “I’m here to take you in. You know why so don’t act stupid. You want to put these on for me?” Handing him the handcuffs, he then proceeded to handcuff Mr. Woods, the whole time Mr. Woods was fighting them and yelling that he didn’t know what was going on.
The man got him downstairs where he was still yelling about being confused and saying he shouldn’t be getting taken away that he hadn’t done anything, then the man that was removing him from the building and sending his men to shut down the building and let everyone know what was going on, told Mr. Woods that if he said anything else he’d taze him so he quit talking and got into the black FBI car and sat while they closed his whole company down.
When they got him to the interrogation room they got him to finally tell them all that he had done, they were all screaming in his face telling him that if he didn’t spill it they had ways to make him and they’d lock him up. So finally sweeting with nerves he finally told them how he had been embezzling all the money of the company and taking it.
So Mr. Woods Company got shut down and he was locked away in prison and all of his employees were out of work and pay and all were ready to take it all up with the company owner, but he was locked away in prison now.


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