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Immigration Thw Wrong Way

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Diego Santiago
Ms. Normy Martínez
English 11-1
19 April 2013
Immigration the wrong way
Immigration has evolved into a negative topic, one no one wants to deal with. The reality is that immigration is not really a problem. People have been moving from place to place with the hope of a better life ever since it could be remembered. Before humanity had a home, human beings wandered the face of the earth, surviving. As time went on Homo sapiens learned how to farm, how to raise animals for food, how to stay in one place; humanity became civilized. Despite the modern age some people still have to move from one place to another. The formal name is immigration. It is a reality millions of people confront, and for the U.S. it represents a huge challenge. The U.S. has adopted a sort of resentment towards immigrants. America’s immigration policy should open its doors, deliberately looking for educated individuals with valuable assets that can contribute to the government and stimulate the economy, instead of turning their backs on most immigrants.
The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that as of March 2010 there were 37.6 million foreign-born people living in the U.S., half of which are from Mexico. This number does not include the number of illegal immigrants. It is estimated that more than 11 million illegal immigrants currently reside within the U.S. Immigrants who are willing to do the job for less and in worse conditions they are constantly arriving to the U.S. and allow employers to “break the power of labour unions, depress wages, and cut benefits” (Mageli). In the 1960’s working as a butcher was a decent job, with benefits such as dental insurance and a good salary. These standards were kept because of labour unions. When immigrants found their way into the meat packing industry they began to take the jobs because they were willing to work without the benefits and with lower salaries in worse conditions, effectively breaking the labour unions. As a direct result,...


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