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Chicano/a Culture Through Open Space and Recreation

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Cultura en Silencio:                                                               Elaborating Chicano/a Culture through Open Space and Recreation

CHS 409

The barrio is the reflection of the communidad of the city that has had a significant Spanish influence. The Chicano/a community has had a strong influence on open space and recreation in cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, and more. The culture within barrio comes from the availability or lack and utilization of open space and recreation.   Several different barrios can be found across the country in the mist of major urban centers.   What makes the barrios different from other communities in the nation is the culture it creates among the residents that live there.   There is a united front that the residents undertake to better their lives and the lives of the community.
Open Space can have different definitions in different situations.   It may mean land free of human built structures or areas left for the use of the public, or even protected lands from development.   However, in general, open space should ultimately be left for the public to decide what is best for their own community.   Open spaces in Chicano/a communities have created social meanings and importance to all Chicanos by redefining barrio culture and opening new doors for embracement.  
Recreation is an activity done for enjoyment when someone is not working, It is a way to spend leisure time.   Community recreation offers an opportunity to meet people while they enjoy a wide range of cultural, social, or physical activities moreover on the topic activities provide usage for the open space in communities. They are mainly found in the arts, sports,   music, dance, literature and much more. Chicano recreational programs have redefined barrio and urban Chicano/a culture by influencing the daily lives of the mass living within communities.  

Opportunities at Risk
A dominant issue in barrios is the...


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