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Level 2 Support Work in Schools

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Unit 201: Child and young person development

Assessment 2.1

unit 201

A) Background
There are many factors that can influence a child's background. Children from different countries who change schools may find it difficult to adapt to different teaching methods.
Children who come from deprived backgrounds are less likely to achieve well in school as parents find it difficult to manage there needs. Pre-school experiences , for example how the child has been socialized and whether they have been exposed to a nursery background.

B) Health
Health can effect all kinds of children from asthma to very serous illness that may effect their physical development and effect their education as they might lose long periods from school and this could also effect their ability to learn. A healthy diet can a have a impact on a child’s development the brain in particular ,relies on regular nourishment to reach it full potential. Healthy eating habits reduce the risk of obesity ,disease and vitamin deficiencies.

There are many factors that can influence a child's environment. Parents that are going though a separation,divorce can be very stressful for the child. Having numerous siblings can also have a impact on a child as the child could be lacking attention within the home . Bereavement or illness in the family which can be very traumatic for the whole family.

Influences that effect development.
: Down's syndrome,cystic fibrosis .
My son had many test's for cystic fibrosis as he had a de-formality of the chest and had recurring chest problems. He was given a sweat test but thankfully came back negative .He still has a formality of the chest and is prone to infections . When he is older he can have a operation to correct this .My son missed a lot of nursery,school which showed in his work and development.
: Abuse
If a child is being abused/bullied
: Personal choices
Extra-curricular activities, academic involvement etc....


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