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A Restaurant on a Busy Evening

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A restaurant on a busy evening

Last week was my parents’ anniversary and in order to celebrate this occasion in a special way, we decided to get together as a whole family and have dinner in this restaurant which according to my brother was a place that people of all ages could
enjoy good food, drinks and laughter.

From the outside, the restaurant was nicely lit with green and red neon lights. As we
made our way inside, we were greeted immediately at the waiting area by a young
smiling hostess, smartly dressed all in black who showed us where we had our table
reserved. The scent of fresh food cooking hits you immediately and arouses your appetite.

The place was crowded with people and from the movement of the waiters who were catering for customers, you could understand that this was a busy place and it must have been a very hard job for them to accommodate and please everyone in the best way. Laughter filled the room while families enjoyed the conversations of one another.

We proceeded to sit down and as we settled, I could admire the setting of this beautiful restaurant. The flooring and walls were all made of wooden material, giving
the place a more cosy feeling. Artistic wall pictures hung on the walls and the light fittings were set up in a way to give a really warm ambience.

A young waiter with a cheerful smile soon approached our table and while he gently handed us the menu, he politely asked us if we were pleasantly seated and if we would like to order any drinks, which we did. The drinks were served within minutes.
another waitress who was accompanying him, explained to us what was the speciality of the day and assured us to take as much time as we like to decide on our food orders. There were so many different interesting dishes that I wanted to try and as I tried to decide, I sipped on my iced cold drink to cleanse my palates.

While waiting for our food to arrive, people were being served with delectable food. looking around I...


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