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Greek Philosophy

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Philosophers introduced the pursuit of knowledge for the sake of knowledge. They started the study of philosophy. Much of their scientific development was due to Greece’s physical geography being placed between Africa and Asia they came in contact with Egypt as well as Babylonia and these two had great influence on the Greeks. Egypt’s great understanding for mathematics helped them to achieve incredible things in architecture. The Greek’s learned their principles for math and science from the Egyptians and then further expanded with their own ideas gaining more information that fit into their concepts of philosophy. The Babylonians from what we know by reading what is left of their scribes understood and used geometry quite frequently. Most often they turned to the Pythagorean Theorem to determine the lengths of objects. The Greeks took what they learned about geometry from the Egyptians as well as the Babylonians and expanded their knowledge on finding fundamental truths and eventually made propositions called axioms, they then used these to find theorems that they could always prove...these would be used to solve problems that were both practical and abstract.
Pythagoras was born on the island of Samos then settled in Crotona. He was the founder of a school and secret society known as the Pythagorean Brother Hood. Thales born in 624 b.c was the first scientist, mathematician, and philosopher that we know of. Thales studied in Egypt and was the first philosopher to introduce the Greeks to geometry, he discovered how to determine the height of a pyramid through indirect measurement. Euclid is considered to be one of the most important mathematicians, he wrote the book Elements made up of 13 individual books which has influenced all branches of mathematics ever since. Plato had a big influence on mathematics he describes mathematics to be the first essential thing in the process of training to be a philosopher in his book The Republic he believed that mathematics...


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