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Fire and Ice

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Brittany Broaden-Woolsey
Professor Shumpert
English 1102
October 17 2013
“Love and Hate”

From rereading and analyzing the poem “Fire and Ice” by Robert Frost I understood that he was ultimately trying to convey a message to his readers. Frost using the antonym words, fire and ice, makes a point to the reader. These words are complete opposites and they both represent complete opposites: love and hate. Frost says that fire will be the end of the world. He puts the chances of the world perishing in fire above the chances of it freezing over. Since fire symbolizes desire and ice symbolizes hate, Frost is putting love before hate. He conveys that love can be more destructive than hate. Fire spreads rapidly and consumes things quickly whereas ice consumes things slower. Perhaps Frost is saying that if love is used the wrong way it can result in destruction. People always see hate as destructive, but love is always viewed positively. Frost gives love a negative view which most people are not used to unless they are reading about heartbreak. He reveals its power by comparing it to fire. Another thing that stands out is that fire can destroy ice. Perhaps Frost is saying that love is so powerful it can overcome hate. That might be why he chooses to side with those who believe fire will be the end of the world. In Frost's eyes love is so powerful it can even eliminate the other force that might end the world.

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