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Muscle Contraction Essay

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Jessica Stoker
Health, Fitness, and Nutrition A

                                                  Muscle Contraction

Muscle Contraction is part of an organ in the body that is tensive. It may have a process of tensions that may be developed with muscle tissues. Contraction can be a meaning of shortening or long. Muscle Contraction can also produce a muscle cell that is for movement of the body. Myosin and Actin is an interaction protein to Muscle Contraction, it can be changed by shape but not by volume. Skeletal Muscle contraction is produce by heat. The muscles may receive signal from the brain. Once it receives signal it expands or contracts. Skeleton can provide muscle movement and frame work. This kind of muscle can be found attached your bones. Filaments there are only two types of sliding filaments. The Thick Filaments is called “Myofilaments”. Myofilaments produces myosin. Myosin is a protein and can be found in muscle tissue that makes a thick filament. A filament called actin forms a contract with Sarcomeres of skeletal muscle. With the Sarcomere, actin and myosin slides across each other for shortening of a muscle fiber. The thin filaments is called “actin” is a muscle protein. Actin is pulled by Myosin to cause a contact to a muscle. Actin sometimes forms bacteria to use for motility.   The Roles of ATP is a shorten term of actin and myosin filament. ATP is a sort of fuel to give to the muscle during contractions; this type of energy is to make the muscle move.

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