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Virginty- a Yardstick of Morality

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By Abhishek Jain
A woman’s virginity has been considered to be her prized possession from time immemorial. No matter how broad-minded people claim to be, there are still many who relate virginity with morality. Considering the fact that pre-marital sex is not an alien term in modern days, why does this kind of mentality continue to hamper numerous women who are on the verge of tying the knot?
Commenting on the issue, musician Damien Carrion said, “Sexuality is completely natural, however mainstream culture and society have falsely turned it into something considered to be controversial and perverse.”
In fact, in contrast to the earlier days, sex is no longer a taboo that it used to be. Modern day couples have no qualms in getting sexually intimate and readily accept that their partners may have gone all the way in the past affairs. Irony lies in the fact that when it comes to the question of marriage, there are still those who consider unbroken hymen to be of more importance than the bond of love and commitment. The perception of virgins being clean and chaste and non-virgins being decried as impure would certainly not sound out of the place to the Indians. The obsession of virginity manifests the hypocrisy of Indian men who tend to prefer getting married to a virgin woman, irrespective of their own sexually active history. In this broad minded society, hundreds of women are forced to undergo virginity tests before the wedding ceremony!
This very judgment of a woman’s morality on the basis of her virginity status appears to be illogical for virginity is not the yardstick to base a happy relationship on; honesty and traits are more crucial traits that both partners should possess. New age lovers should be matured enough to let the bygones be bygones and not make a big issue out of a small tissue.


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