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Plight of Pok

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By Abhishek Jain

While Jammu and Kashmir receives a lot of media attention due to the political battle of state-making between the belligerent neighbors, POK and the associated misery of locals has remained behind the veil. And the causes are not hard to find. POK has managed to escape the scanner of media due to unjustified policies adopted by Pakistani government to suppress expression of free opinion in POK, thereby, leaving no source of information for the outside world.
POK, being within the boundaries of Jammu & Kashmir is an integral part of India. But it has been under illegitimate control of Pakistan for the past six decades- the repercussions of which have been catastrophic.
“Even if you so much as apply for a job, you have to sign an affidavit saying you believe in the ideology of Kashmir banega Pakistan” cries out an individual residing in POK. This must wake you up to the fact that the unfortunate refugees who found abode in the areas of occupied territory of Kashmir still remain subjected to incessant misery and humility at the hands of Pakistan’s government in POK. They are not only denied their civil and constitutional rights, but are also deprived of their identity. To add to their misery, they remain under direct surveillance and are denied freedom of speech so as to prohibit them from resisting Jehadi activities. On the contrary, Jehadi organizations enjoy full freedom to preach their ideology and perceptions, promoting Kashmir’s accession to Pakistan.
The fact that there is hardly any infrastructural development in this poverty-stricken region might not alarm you so much when you learn that this very territory is being used to train terrorists for infiltration into Kashmir. The confession by the hero of 26/11 incident, Kasab, reveals that POK and northern areas have been a hiding place for the jehadis and terrorist groups!
To avoid serious crises in the future, Pakistan should practice greater respect for human rights...


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