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Color Discrimination

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By Abhishek Jain

“Wanted a bride, 23, educated, FAIR”. How often do we come across such classified advertisements proclaiming a preference for girls with fair complexion? The matrimonial sections are usually brimming over with these very advertisements, reflecting the perception of fair being beautiful, which has extensively invaded our mind. While prejudice based on skin colour is an accusation Indians have faced off and on, it again came to the fore with the crowning of Davuluri in the USA.
Nina Davuluri, the first Indian American to be crowned Miss America was remarked negatively upon her skin colour which outraged the Indians. It appears to be quite ironical that Indians, whose own house is not in order, are raising cacophony of voice against the issue. It would not sound out of place to mention that Indians relate beauty with skin tone and that is why people with dusky skin are looked down upon. The popularity of skin whitening creams has borne testimony to the fairness fixation of Indians. It is a pity in itself that even renowned celebrities including King Khan play a pivotal role in promoting this racist perception. What adds insult to injury is the fact that the deceptive advertisements succeed in influencing the mind of dusky Indians
We come across a plethora of commercials showing a dark girl, who is a failure in life. And suddenly fairness creams come to her rescue. Wow, what a miracle! She gets the guys she wants, the job she wants and what not. The men have also joined the race with equal number of fairness products. Shouldn’t we be ashamed that we are caught up in such a messy web of illusion? Shouldn’t we look for beauty beyond colour.
While the ‘fair and lovely’ myth has endured in advertising and mainstream cinema, this year saw a campaign called “Dark is Beautiful” by the actor Nandita Das. It is an initiative to attack the widely held belief that fair skin is essential for success in every sphere of life. Driving out...


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