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The Importance of Maney

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Today we talked about breaking down the robot and starting over with a new idea for our new challenge. 9-30-13

Today we talked about the robots structure and what it's task will be. 10-1-13

Today we started to break down the old robot. 10-3-13

Today we worked on the base and talked about the structure. 10-7-13

Today Aaron and David started to put the wheels on its sides of our square shaped robot. 10-8-13

Today we started to work on where the arm will go and what material we need for it. 10-10-13

Today we went to a work shop at Shawnee and we learned about teamwork and we saw some cool robots. 10-12-13

Today we worked on putting the arm on the robot and working on programming it. 10-14-13

Today Jose and Jorge watched videos about programming and David worked on the arm extension. 10-15-13

Today Omari and Blanca worked on making the shirts while David and a few others worked on the robots arm. 10- 17-13

Today Omari and Blanca finished up on the shirts David and Aaron worked on programming and the arm. 10-21-13

Today we worked on building the robot and trying to find a male to male usb cord for the Samantha module. 10-22-13

Today we continued to work on the robot. 10-28-13

Today we used a different disgned for the robot arm and worked on fixing the wires. 10-29-13

Today we got our shirts orders in and came up with another better design that hopefully works. 10-30-13

Today we worked on the robot while Blanca looked for pictures for our robot booth. 11-4-13

Today we came up with another designed for the arm and worked on the robot. 11-5-13

Today we worked on programming, building and on our booth. 11/6-8/13

Today we worked on the programming cause we had a few difficulties. 11-11-13

Today Omari and Blanca worked on our booth and journal together while I ( Jorge) added brushes to the robots arm extension. 11-12-13

Today Jorge, Aaron, and David worked on the arm extinction, and rewiring the robot. While Omari...


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