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Blossom with Comparison

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《英语写作V》作业论文 2010级英语一班 王烨姝 20103979

Blossom with Comparison

    Comparing oneself with others is a secret mind game that everyone likes to play, wants to win, but hesitates to admit. It is actually a routine that everyone typically follows: we compare what others wear daily, how much living expenses others’ parents supply monthly, and whether others’ GPA are higher annually. Since this is an inevitable process, why not make this way of thinking a rewarding one? For my part, comparing ourselves with others could be a sound approach towards self-recognition, gratification, and social harmony, if we play this secret but not wicked game right.

    Making comparison is a beneficial way of self-reflection through which we are given the chance to progress steadily and continuously. “Among any three people walking, I will always find something to learn for sure. Their good qualities are to be followed, and their shortcomings are to be avoided.” Confucius has acknowledged this time-honored rule thousands of years ago: there is always some shining points to learn from, and some negative influence to shield from. Without appropriate comparison, we may easily be left unmotivated and isolated, unaware of our strengths and weaknesses. We will never achieve and ascend unless we fully recognize what kind of person I am or want to be, and how I want to fulfill my role in social community.

    Our university students indeed could gain access to self-awareness and self-improvement through upward comparison—comparing one’s weak points with the strong points of others. Downward comparison, however, may enjoy even more popularity since it gives people contentment. Helen Kelley once cried for not having shoes to wear, until she saw the one who don’t have feet. This is a familiar refrain, but it makes practical sense. We are now living under tremendous pressure and in a world with cut-throat competition. Those with reserved nature are particularly vulnerable to...


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