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My Health

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My health

Trying to live healthy and staying fit requires alot of determination and self-dedication to the task. One needs to shed off the habitual traits that might compromise the future health and the well-being of the person.

In my opinion, I believe that, with the recent behavioural changes I have adapted, my health is no longer at risk. My current health can be termed as the best I have ever achieved ever since I turned sixteen. I am physically healthy because I engage in many physical activities, ranging from swimming to playing rugby with the campus rugby team. I also take a balanced diet, consisting of vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates and proteins, all mixed in the right proportions. I try as much as possible to eat when necessity calls, at the right time, in the right manner and for the right purpose. I do not eat simply because people do so. I like chewing nuts and taking lots of water daily. Sometimes I visit the gym, lift weights and do some other exercises, all aimed at burning the excess cholesterol in my body and manage to reduce my body weight (Hoeger and Hoeger 227). In doing so, I can affirm that I am healthy and strong. I cannot even remember the last time I paid a visit to my doctor for medication. However, like any other human being I experience some minor ailments. Some of them heal naturally while others prompt me to visit my doctor for medical check up and fetch some antibiotics in order to boost my immunity.

However, my life is not as good and free from unhealthy behaviour as it seems to be from the above brief descriptions. Sometimes I find myself doing all the unreasonable things that a responsible parent can term as ill and unhealthy and unhealthy (Coleman and Hagell 10). For example, I like taking my meals while directing my eyes towards the television. Sometimes I even forget what I was eating and shift my attention to my favourite programs being aired in the television. In addition to this, it is...


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