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Ethics in Higher Education

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    Education does not end with mastery over few languages or subjects. It also means opening the doors of the mind , cleansing the soul realization of the self. We, as Pakistanis do have a rich and huge volumes of spiritual heritage.
    At various levels of Pakistani Education System in general and the higher technical education in particular, the ethical considerations lost its value and place. In the real life the ethics are neither taught through text books   nor preached/ advocated through any other media or learning/ teaching.
Do you think that merely expansion of educational infrastructure would produce good human being without inculcating in them the basic ethics, values and virtues as advocated by the Saints, the Sufis, the Gurus of our ancient society and by our rich civilization?. Do you think we can produce effective Managers, Technocrats, Bureaucrats, Politicians and Entrepreneurs without the knowledge of ethics, values and virtues?.
    “The education system needs to strengthen the values of ethics, secularism, democracy, inclusiveness and pluralism. These are great values enshrined our constitution and traditionally developed by our civilization. These values give strength and sustenance not only to our diverse multi culture society but also to our country,”

“What are we like, and what should we do?”
As humans we are faced with many decisions in life, which in and of itself distinguishes us from animal kingdom. I’m sure other animals make decisions too, but as humans we take into account our values and morals. In choosing which path to take with some of life decisions , “ethics” are often the center; heavily influencing our choices between what is right and what is wrong.
      As the time goes on, society evolves, so do our values, morals and ethics.

          What is Ethics:
  What does ethics mean to you?
It may be defined as following ;-...


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