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By Alana Smith

“Freeze put the gun on the ground” I scream!                                                                 If I was observed by the elders like in the book The Giver I think I would be assigned police officer. I have many different characteristics of a police officer like common sense when it comes to what’s right or wrong.
For example if anyone could kill an 8 year old they don’t deserve a second chance at life or flying a plane into building killing thousands is it really worth taking your own life to kill others too? I show the skill on common sense daily at school because I know no matter how much some of my class mates annoy me I keep my cool and don’t punch them in the face because that would get me in far more trouble. I think decision making skills also falls under this category.  
You would have to be able to decide many things throughout the day making the right choices to keep others safe. For intense I wouldn’t throw a ball in the class room as it might hit a light making the glass fall on whoevers below or simply hit another classmate with the ball. As a police officer you would have to make similar decisions like if someone is driving and can’t seem to stay on the road should you pull him over to find that he is drunk or just pretend not to notice? You would also have to communication skills to make sure others follow the rules too.
Almost daily I tell a close classmate that she should do her homework, and that she needs a clip out in the hall but I don’t just start screaming at her I tell her in a polite way but as a police officer you would need to be more strict with most boys and mental criminals to get them to understand.
I know that a police officer can be a dangerous job and could lose your life helping others but knowing at the end of the day that I tried my hardest would make me proud.


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