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-Alyssa Notarianni Notarianni 1
Mrs. Murray
English Period 3
Down in the Dumps
“I miss the days when all it took for me to feel better was a teddy bear”   -Anomous (Hook) I was that teddy bear a long time ago who made my owner the happiest on the saddest of days. But now here we are sixteen years later and Bethany Williams has grown up. Her short blonde hair is now long and full, her blue eyes once filled with wonder are now filled up in homework worries, and her little pink dresses have been changed to jeans and tee shirts (Magic Three) I used to sit on her small bed next to her vibrant pink pillow, but now I sit alone on the top shelve of a closet as dark as coal (Simile) There was no escaping this dark closet. It watched me no matter what I did (Hyperbole)
Today was like any other I sat alone hearing the familiar ring of Bethany’s cell phone. What I didn’t know was it would be the last time I would hear the familiar ring. I was getting ready for a nap when boom it hit me. A beam of light as powerful as all the light bulbs in the whole world (Simile) shot threw my now open door. A cool draft now filled my sauna closet. Bethany walked and grabbed old boxes of toys. (Expanded moment) One doll she picked up caught my little button eye. It was Sally her favorite Barbie doll. Sally and I had the best times with Bethany back in the day. But there she went in the trash can. Then all of the sudden, Bethany locked eyes with me and time stopped. A warm smile swept across her face. She picked me up and held me tight. It was just like the first day she bought me. She touched my old fur with her newly manicured hands. (Expanded moment) Then she dropped me in a dark trash bag. A bag were trash goes, trash? I’m just a worthless piece of trash? (Reputation for effect) I looked up at her warm ocean eyes (Metaphor) until she carelessly tied the bag into a thick knot. Then I flew like a bird (Simile) and landed with a thud. Ouch I thought, but the pain...


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