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Port Health

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  1. What are the duties of a Port health officer as per the Public health ACT CAP 242 LOK
Porth health officers are to fulfill the following duties:
  a. Physical and medical inspection of vessels to ensure health standards are met and potential hazards are eliminated.
  b. clearing vessels at the port in respect to health and taking health precautions or issuing health warnings if necessary.
  c. Ensure that vessels meet the sanitary code in terms of cleanliness, hygiene and elimination of potential contaminants.
  d. Destruction of pest, rodents and other disease vectors to avoid spreading to the host country and detection and investigation of any subsequent disease such as plaque that could result from them.
  e. Delegation of duties pertaining health such as waste management, passenger inspection and verification.
  f. Enforcement of the international, regional and local laws and regulations pertaining health.

  2. Define who is a port health officer as used in the Public health Act CAP 242 LOK
A port health officer is a medical practitioner appointed or acting as such under the authority and instructions of the Director of Medical Services at ports to be in charge of health matters.

  3. What is maritime declaration of health

A form that is completed to ascertain the state of health on board a vessel on an international voyage filled by the officer in command of the vessel and co-signed by the vessel’s surgeon.

  4. What meant by granting of restricted or conditional pratique to a vessel   under the Public health Act CAP 242 LOK

Pratique is permission granted to a ship to have dealings with a port, given after quarantine or on showing a clean bill of health. Restricted pratique is given when the health officer in charge finds reason to deny the vessel access to the port based on suspected presence of infectious disease. This is referred to as putting the vessel on quarantine. Conditional pratique is allowing...


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