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THE OLD TIMES            
Cuban Missile Crisis
Shocking report : Khrushchev offers to scrap the cuba bases.
President John F. Kennedy was informed   about the deployment of the soviet   medium-range missilies on cuba shortly after 8.am on the morning of tuesday, oct 16 ,1962 .His first reaction on hearing the news from   National seurity adviser McGeorge bundy and was to accuse the soviet leader Nikita f. Khruschev of a double cross.
However, they began to celebrate the "13" days that brought the world closer than ever before to a nuclear war, a period now remembered in the west as the Cuban missile crisis.The crisis peaked on Oct.27, "Black saturday", when series of startling events, including the shooting down of an american spy plane over cuba, and that nethier Khrushchev nor kennedy fully controlled their own military machines. Witness described this as the "most dangerous moment in human history".
Khrushchev's motivations in sending nuclear-tipped missiles to cuba in summer of 1962 have been subject of great debate.Kennedy and his administration officials argued afterward that the soviet leader acted for global   strategic reasons. Coming before time to the missile crisis the United States had around 3,500 nuclear warheads capable of reaching the Soviet Union, a 10-1 advantage over the Soviet Union.By buliding missile bases in Cuba capable of lobbing 60 nuclear warheads into the United States, Khrushchev would be able to redress this military imbalance somewhat, although it would let him far short of achieving first strike.

(Here is a picture of the base camp of where the missiles were.)

After his ouster as Soviet leader in 1964,Khrushchev claimed that he was primarily motivated by the desire to defend the cuban revolution.Khrushchev also had more personal reasons for wanting to get even with Kennedy, one reason is he is regarded as an inexperinced leader young enough to be his son. Khrushchev complained that there were " U.S . missiles aimed at my...


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