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Iris Orellana
Animal science 200
Teacher Mrs.   Mendes
Class: Tuesday and Thursday 8: 00 am to 9: 25 am  

Question chapter 12

  1. The functional units of inheritance called Genes are located on rod –like bodies called chromosomes located within the nucleus of each cell.

  2. Cell division that yields two daughter cells that have identical chromosomes as compared to the parent cell is termed mitosis

  3. What is the term for production of sex cells or gametes ? Specially , what is this process called for the production of sperm?   The term of the sex cell o gametes is when the testicle of the male and ovaries of the females     produce sex cells. The process for the production is called gametogenesis

  4. During gametogenesis , what is the unique type of cell division called that reduces the chromosome   number of gametes to one – half of that possessed by all other body cells ?

  5. Where does meiosis occur in the testicle ? In the ovary ?
The meiosis occurs in the primordial germ cells located near the outer wall of seminiferous tubules of each testicle and near the surface of each ovary

  6. What is the union of the sperm and the ovum called ? Fertilization

  7. What is a newly fertilized ovum called ? zygote

  8. True or false A zygote has the haploid number of chromosomes

  9. True or false all cells in the body except gametes have the diploid number of chromosomes
  10. Within all cells except gametes chromosomes are paired being alike in size and shape and carrying games that affect the same hereditary traits . paired chromosomes are said to be -----homologous---------

  11. What is the chemical component of genes?
Deoxyribonucleic acids (DNA) ribonucleic acids (RNA)

  12. DNA   carries the code or instructions for control of enzymes and Ribosomal RNA

  13. The DNA...


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