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Bad Apartment

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Problems with My Apartment

When I was younger, I fantasized about how wonderful life would be when I moved into my own apartment. Now, as I became older, I started to live alone in an apartment, about one year ago. However, my dreams had turned into nightmares from the day I moved into the apartment. I’ve had to deal with several things that changed my wonderful life, including an uncooperative landlord and janitor, fragile facilities, and inconsiderate neighbors.
The first cause of my tiresome single life was an uncooperative landlord and janitor. They were incompetent because they didn’t work at all. They didn’t tell me anything. For example, they didn’t tell me when I could move into the apartment. Therefore, I didn’t know when I could move into the apartment until the day before. Also, I didn’t know how to fill out the lease agreements, use my mail box, and throw away garbage, because they didn’t tell me anything. Although I tried to ask them these questions, they rarely came my apartment, so I couldn’t solve them. My landlord and janitor were really uncooperative people.
I’ve had a problem not only with my landlord and janitor, but also with fragile facilities. My apartment was not very old, but many facilities were easily broken. For instance, the window was broken, so I couldn’t close it. Because of this problem, flies and mosquitos often came into my house, and I was very cold in winter. Moreover, a water pipe was broken. Because the dripping of water didn’t stop, the water bill was raised. Because the person who repaired these things did not come immediately, these fragile facilities annoyed me for a couple of weeks.
Perhaps the worst problem was an inconsiderate neighbor, who lived in the apartment above me. One month from when I moved into the apartment, the neighbors moved into an apartment, which was above mine. He was a dancer. Sometimes he practiced dancing with a loud sound, so I was inconvenienced by him with such heavy footsteps and loud...


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