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"The reward of suffering is experience." - Papyrus


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Remember the time you needed someone to talk to…she was there for me. Remember the time something bad happen to you and you needed someone to make you feel special inside...she was there for me. I cried. Despite that she lived 10 hours away, she would talk or communicate with me however she can; underneath all the stuff that has happened to her, I know deep down she still is.
By the end of a day, perfect and excellent, I didn’t expect anything to go wrong, knowing everything would be all right, that is until I had finally made it to my house that day. Seeing my mother cry was heart breaking and hurtful as seeing my grandma cry.   I didn’t know what to say or feel, because I didn’t know what was happening or going to happen. After all the crying, for 20 minutes, she finally was able to speak, “Mija, your Aunt Rosa is in the hospital for cancel…we don’t know if she will make it...” Hearing those words were like hearing the world was going to end. I was speechless. I couldn’t really react to what I was feeling. I knew on that day, things were about to change.
We rushed to the hospital, not knowing what to expect, to at least see how bad this was. I can already hear the sirens screaming. I was seeing my biggest fear yet when we finally arrived, in Donna. Everyone was there. My whole family and friends. I walked into the room; there she was, lying in the bed, not even being able to speak. I couldn’t help but to cry my eyes out. I rushed to her bed, grabbing her hand making her sure that I am here for her too, like she was for me.   Just seeing her suffer made me suffer as well. I stood there all day with her, until the doctor said it was time for her to rest. I couldn’t breathe when he said that, knowing that once she falls asleep, she will never wake up. I kissed her cheek, many times, for her to know how much I love her and how much I will miss her. “I love you Aunt Rosa and I will always.” those were my last words to her. But right there and now, I knew even though...


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