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A Basic Introduction About Hongxing Rotary Kiln

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Hongxing rotary kiln is a promising ore plant which gained a lot of frame not only in mainland but also overseas.New-type environmental protection lime rotary kiln has the functions of environmental protection, energy saving, high degree of automation, and other significant characteristics. Because of adopting the latest international burner technology, it can make full use of the cheap fuel energy, especially the disabled before the reusing pollution to the environment, cheap, there is a lot of outside combustible gas energy, the application of new technology will fuel utilization greatly ascend, is no longer a large number of pollution up to the national requirements of environmental protection, which will be waste. Such not only is a kind of protection to the environment, and conforms to the development requirements of the national energy conservation and emissions reduction, low carbon environmental protection and saves a large amount of operating costs for enterprise customers.The structure of kiln is simple, operate conveniently and reliably in life, less wearing parts, high rate of operation, it is the Equipment to calcine high-grade cement in cement plant. Meanwhile, it is also widely used in metallurgical, chemical, construction and other industries. The rotary kiln produced by my company is with strong structure, operation smooth, high-quality products etc and can provide users with advanced high-performance vertical pre-heater, 5 degree cyclone pre-heater.The calcinating rotary kiln is composed of the gas flow, fuel combustion, heat transfer and movement of materials. The rotary kiln is an equipment on how to make the fuel to fully burn fuel combustion and heat can be passed to the materials, the materials that receive heat happens a series of physical and chemical changes, and finally form a finished clinker.The whole process of material calcined uses computer process control, accuracy of temperature control is ± 0.5% by adjusting the speed, angle...


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