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Tailings Processing

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Tailings is one product Crushing And Screening Plant in which the content of useful components of the lowest

part of the target is called tailings . In the current technical and economic conditions ,

has not further sorting . Not completely useless waste tailings often contain components for

other purposes , you can utilization. Achieve no waste discharge , mineral resources are

fully utilized and the need to protect the environment.

In case of wind blowing dust easily tailings , water easily lost , long pile , not only takes

up a lot of land , while the tailings dust pose a hazard to the surrounding environment . For

example, a city nearly the size of the existing gold mine tailings months , was mostly shaped

valley , shaped peaceful hillside terrain , the majority have been casing farmland , and some

are in use, there has not been a part of the casing , and some of the floor despite pressure

thin soil , easy to form the second dust hazards still impact on the surrounding environment

. Since gold mine tailings fine granularity and contains pharmaceutical processing and metal

ions, a windy , especially in the dry season 3-6 months, the yellow sand tailings blew a

sudden , dusty, falling into villages , farms , orchards, so infringement of its

contamination , pollution disputes arising therefrom will directly affect social stability

and unity . Tailings environmental pollution generally three ways : one is certain harmful

gases escaping tailings weathering process, carried out by atmospheric pollution spread ;

Another is the role of fine tailings sand by the wind ( even the formation of sandstorms ) ,

serious harm to the surrounding environment ; Third encounter flood , rainwater flows into

the tailings together with farmland, rivers , groundwater hazard. In summary, the tailings

contaminated land occupied , landscape damage , destruction of soil , biological hazards ,

blockage of the...


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