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Treatment of Non-Ferrous Metal Ores Associated Gold

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Non-ferrous metal ores often associated amount of gold . So choose a suitable crusher is very
important, there are many kinds of crusher , crusher and some students can provide
information to guide manufacturers , such as jaw crusher manufacturers in india these payments are usually

included in the order Cu, Pb, Zn based multi- metal ore , copper and copper-nickel-ore. Gold

grade is not high , generally no more than 2 g/t . However, due to the large -scale non-

ferrous metal ore deposit , ore mining capacity, so the associated gold production account

for a large proportion of the total production of gold . Some important gold-producing

countries such as the United States each year , 40% of gold production from Cu, Pb, Zn, Ni

byproduct of the former Soviet Union is 20% to 30%, in Japan 65 % of the gold from the copper

-lead-zinc metal ore , according to the survey , some of the larger copper deposits contain a

certain amount of gold ( see Table 1 ) , the grade of 1 to 2g per t, individual gold deposits

associated higher gold grades up to 3 to 4g per t, Since the processing of gold ore sorting

when the conditions and non-ferrous mineral sorting conditions are not exactly the same , so

these non-ferrous minerals associated with gold in the process of sorting the way some can be

recovered by Gold Separation equipment for final extraction of gold. Others need to provide certain

conditions , or require the use of specialized tools can be recovered gold extraction , so

this part of the study associated gold recovery , you should first consider the output of

non-ferrous mineral products as qualified as possible while gold enrichment to the non-

ferrous metal ore products, or other specialized enrichment to the amalgamation of gold

operations products.

    For treatment with a small amount of gold polymetallic ores , the key is to grasp the
gold in the ore occurrence , symbiotic relationship with a...


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