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Hello Friends,

According to Lord Kense, “People of any economy desiring work but not finding it according to their qualifications is called unemployment”

Unemployment is one of the acute problems in India. Recently, this problem is on the rise as the country is passing through a recession phase. It is a serious problem, demanding wise leadership to solve it. It will have to be faced quickly and wisely if we wish to avoid a social revolution.

Something is wrong. State what it is? It is the problem of unemployment. Why is this wrong? Who is to blame? Unemployment has brought about frustration among some and discontent among others. As a result of which some of the most talented scientists, doctors and engineers have migrated to some foreign countries like USA for greener pastures.

The major cause of unemployment is the population, which has grown by leaps and bounds, and the crippled education system. Due to this economic recession, many people are left jobless and they are finding difficulty in getting jobs. Most companies have started retrenching people, thus leading to an increase in the population of the unemployed people.  

India, still an underdeveloped nation, is rich in natural resources. If these resources are used effectively for the benefit of the mankind, then we can provide work to millions.

“Change for better” should be the motto of today’s society. To root out the cause of unemployment, India’s population has to be brought under control, the educational system needs to be revised and society reconstructed provided an equal co-operation from the people.

Let us hope that India becomes a rich country in the years to come, so that we may be able to generate job opportunities to millions.

Thank you,



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