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You can do it this way, but you can also do it that way
A person who has everything he wants can be happy but a person who does not have everything he wants yet he makes the most of what he has and is optimistic, can also be happy. Happiness is achieved by both type of people but their methods or path is different from one another. They both are opposites in every way possible.
Take a person who has everything he wants. What he wishes, he gets. All that he hopes to achieve, he achieves it. All his desires are fulfilled. The end result of this all, the person is happy. His happiness is based on the fulfillment of his desires. The person goes out for shopping, he sees something he likes, he buys it and this makes him happy. He wins a competition, he’s happy. His happiness lies in the shopping bags or trophies that he has bought or won. Regardless of the path taken, the person has achieved happiness.
On the other hand there is another type of person. This person does not have everything that he desires of. He could not achieve what he wants to achieve. His desires are nothing but empty dreams. He sees something but he cannot buy it. But he is still happy. He is thankful for everything that he has. He does not achieve something but is happy because he remains optimistic that he will achieve it next time. He is unable to buy something that he desires but is still happy because he thinks about everything he has and is thankful about it. A different method but the result remains the same, happiness.
Happiness for the first person is achieved with materialistic satisfaction while for second person it is achieved with spiritual satisfaction. The personalities, attitude towards life and lifestyle of both them is different. They both are different as night and day yet they both are happy. Happiness does not require a specific formula nor does it have a specific meaning. It is relative to the person and the person can chose what makes him happy...


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