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Brief Description of Child:

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Brief description of child:
Child A is average heighted for her age . She is a one race child, her family background being of Asian. Child produces work that shows that she is an average student. She tries hard in class, but she is very shy. She seems to be a very quiet student but she talks more around her friends and people she has known for a long time. She enjoys pop music by one direction and Taylor Swift. Her hobbies are painting her nails and doing maths. She appears not to have any allergies or dietary restrictions noted.
Aim of Observation: To help Child A to talk more to people she does not know well and project her voice and build social skills.
Child A is on the creative table as she is fond of colouring and using and is very imaginative. Also she comes up with wonderful ideas. Child A draws beautiful pictures of her characters in her story which suggests she is an artistic girl and her stories are always adventurous which makes the story interesting to read. Her artwork is the best in the class as she started developing art skills from the age of “Four.”She is sometimes lonely and sits on her own so maybe she should socialise with other children more often. Child A is a bright girl and you can see she does have intelligence but she has to contribute more to the class. In class she sits silently doing her work but the outcome of her work is fantastic. She seems to have background knowledge but when contributing to the lesson the teacher has to come over because she does not project her voice. Then, the teacher comes and asks Child A, “What is 12 multiplies by   5?” and in a sudden flash she replied “60!” She is a girl who is very fond of maths. Child A then does a times table completion where you have to do forty-five questions on time tables in one minute and she completed it all and won a certificate and prize. I believe Child A has confidence and intelligence inside her but sometimes she might be shy depending on her mood....


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