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A small child,unlike us,wakes up by the horn of a vehicle on the streets.Child then goes to a hawker to buy some newspaper from him and then sells them door to door.This is an example to show the life style of people living below the poverty line.Poverty is a situation in which total income in less than the expenditures on basic needs like water,electricity,gas and food etc.Poverty is a serious issue in third world countries.

In Pakistan about 35%of total people live below poverty line.In Pakistan about 70% of people live in rural areas and most of them live below poverty line.This a real cause of concern for the government because it is reason behind many other serious problems in Pakistan.People who don't earn to fulfill basic necessities of their families becomes part of activities which affects law and order situation of the country.In the last few year poverty rate has increased considerably as a result rate of street crimes and other crimes has also increased.People who don't have enough money to fulfill their necessities because of poverty don't send their children to schools or other educational institutes which not only affects their own lives but also affects the country.County's economy is largely dependent upon the educated people and if the majority is illiterate than the economy is greatly affected.

I don't exactly know how we can can bring the equality and eradicate this difference from our society but we somehow will have to do it otherwise we would have to some serious consequences in future.


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