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Dead Plan

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Dead Plan

"Press yes to kill". Said the computer

One year earlier

Ministry of Defence, job room. A young lovely girl walks in and she says   a loud "Who do I see for the job"?   Two large strong man walked in and took her from be hide. She was calm. They took her to Mr. Vones office. He was the man in charge of the ministry. Mr. Vones said a loud "why did you go to the job room? You could of got killed. I told you to come to my office. The girl say in shock "You think your office works could of killed me just because they have a gun. I'm a trained assassin your really dumb aren't you"?   "No don't call me that. how dare you".

I have searched through loads of files for you to get this job ok". The girl replies "Yes I'm sorry rough day". My name is Tracey Black sir what's yours name"?   Mr. Vones stands and say "I'm Mr. Vones head of the ministry if you would like to come with me please". Mr. Vones , Mrs. Black and the two large strong man walked to the lifts. "Lower level 14 is it sir"? asked one of the strong man. Yes make sure you put your code in first". answered Mr. Vones. "Where are we going"? asked Mrs Black.   "We are going to a secret room under the Thames River". I will tell you about your job when we get there. explained Mr. Vones. The two man stayed in the lifts. Mr. Vones and Mrs. Black went into a small submarine, to get to the secret room. "This better be a well paid job"? asked Mrs. Black. "It will be Mrs. Black I promise and if you would like to follow me into the room"? replied Mr. Vones.


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